5 Tips On How To Charge Your SmartPhone Battery Faster

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We all have faced that situation: we’re already late for the work and realise that our phone’s battery is almost dead. with an almost couple of minutes to spare, it’s not possible to charge it properly. This disturbs our daily routine for work and disturbs our mood also.

That’s why I have brought you this 5 tips you can use to charge your smartphone battery faster.

 1. Airplane Mode

You might know this trick already, but I have seen many people not doing this.It’s the easiest way to speed up your charging.In Airplane Mode the smartphone shuts down your cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and other connections so that they don’t suck down the power in the background even when you’re not using your phone.

Whether you have an iOS, Android or even Windows even, they all have option to turn Airplane Mode on or off. You can turn on the Airplane Mode by tapping on Settings, selecting ‘Airplane Mode‘, and sliding it to enable. You’ll know if this is working if there is a small airplane icon on top of your phone’s screen.

Charge your smartphone battery faster

Switching to Airplane Mode means you can’t receive or dial numbers, nor you can access your Wifi or cellular net. GPS won’t work nor Bluetooth, basically your phone will be disconnected from all the connections, so it’s very important to turn off your Airplane Mode after charging, as you may miss out some important calls or messages.

2. Turn It Off

This trick is self-explanatory, turning your phone completely off will allow it to charge even faster that airplane mode. But again you might miss out some important notifications or calls. But a little bit of sacrifice will not harm you, right. This trick will ensure that when you switch on your smartphone you will not be disappointed.

3. Wall Sockets vs USB Ports

It’s always recommended to charge your phone with your official wall chargers that come with your smartphone. Wall chargers have a much more strong amp output than a USB Ports on your laptop or computer.

While a socket based charging is best, sometimes it’s not possible to do so in absence of a wall socket. In a situation like this, a USB port charging is our best option, but the downside of this is that it can take many hours to go from 0 to 100% of charge.If you regularly rely on your computer or laptop for charging your phone then you should upgrade your methods. Devices such as ChargeDr claim to boost your laptop or desktop computer’s ports to speed up your charging usually half of normal time.

You can also see some special charging cables that come with two Male USB connectors so that you can charge your device from two ports at the same time, this will surely increase your charging speed.

If you have an iPhone and have a newer model of MacBook or iMac at home. Your Apple device will automatically recognize your phone when it’s connected and will boost up your charging output. Genius isn’t it’.

4. Switch Off Unnecessary Features

Many times we switch on some features and forget to turn it off, this leads to drainage of our phone’s battery.Check to see if you have any unnecessary features on, like GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi or NFC, which could be using your battery. Close all your Apps which are running in the background and stop any updates you are doing.This will ensure that your Smartphone charges fast.

5. Quick Chargers

Many times our phone’s official wall charger is not getting the job done fast enough.Check if your Phone is compatible with quick charging accessories like Samsung’s Fast Charging Pad, or HTC’s Rapid Charger or Qualcomm’s Quick Charger.

How to charge your smartphone faster.

Most quick chargers offer around 1.4 times the charging speeds of traditional models. But you’ll see that your Phone will bounce back to 50% in no time. Slowing down charging as your battery reaches capacity is necessary to prevent damages to your device. You may notice that quick charging generates more heat than conventional charging. This is not good for your smartphone or for you also. So I would not recommend you to use it on regular basis.

Bonus Tip

6. Charging Cases and battery packs

It’s always good to invest in an external battery pack or charging case. Good external batteries are priced between $50 to $100 depending on your capacities and your needs. An external battery can help you ensure that your smartphone Wil never run out of juice on those essential days.

The company’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy compatible cases are available that will boost your device’s battery life upto a whopping 60% with just a touch of a button.

One Important Thing

While all this tips and tricks are made to help you get some extra juice out of your handsets when you don’t have time to do the conventional charging. It’s not recommended using them on regular basis. There’s a reason why Smartphone companies make chargers that charges your phone Slow and Steady as it’s much better for your phone’s battery and for your device too.

Hope you like this article on How to charge your smartphone battery faster.

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